Sunday, August 7, 2011

Who Says You Can’t Teach ‘Old Dogs New Tricks’?

by Lance Trachtenberg on August 3, 2011

Just because a person reaches a certain age, that doesn’t necessarily equate with and “ending of an era”, so to speak. With our society’s overly age conscious viewpoint on all things from pop culture to an unending amount of elixirs and remedies stocking the drug store shelves that claim a guarantee to push our biological clocks back to the golden ages of porcelain smooth skin and Adonis toned bodies, we as a nation are constantly bombarded with a continuous message-being old is bad. This ageism inspired message seems to carry little or no weight with the characters of the funny middle ager set web show ’Old Dogs-New Tricks’. And if it does bother them, they don’t let it show.

"Think 'The Birdcage’ meets ’Sex and the City’, and you’ve got an idea of how this fabulously fun show plays." 

The show follows the life of recently turned fifty talent agent Nathan Adler (Leon Acord) and his exploits in the Hollywood scene, as well as the ups and downs of his off the clock life. When Leon’s not working hard just to maintain some modicum of sanity while engaged in his super speed job environment, he’s busy trying to meet all the relation ship expectations put upon him by his partner Brad King (Curt Bonnem), an ex 80’s pop star who defines the description of high maintenance [actually, they're just best friends!]. When he’s not portraying the series lead, Leon Acord doubles as series creator, and he’s put together an interesting clip series focusing on a group of friends trying to get by in the wilds of West Hollywood. Think ’The Birdcage’ meets ’Sex and the City’, and you’ve got an idea of how this fabulously fun show plays.

Pull up some desk chair and follow along with Nathan and his pals as this web series carves its way through its first season web show fans. It should prove to be a fun ride.


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