Thursday, August 4, 2011

ODNT Spotlighted in WeHo News Feature Article

It was the final day of filming for the pilot of the new web series Old Dogs & New Tricks, and the production was shooting its last scheduled scene.

West Hollywood bakery Plaisir had been transformed into a gay dance club, and director Arvin Bautista was creating the pilot’s complicated opening shot, in which the camera strolls through a group of gorgeous twenty-somethings before coming to rest on forty-something actor Leon Acord.

“Look at this old guy over here,” Arvin directed the extras, gesturing towards Acord. “He’s old! What’s he doing here? He’s taking up your space! He shouldn’t be here. He shouldn’t even exist!”

Acord pulled a face.

As the show’s creator, writer and co-executive producer as well as its star, he was concerned about the tone of the scene.

“I don’t want Nathan to seem pathetic,” he said to his director.

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