Friday, March 23, 2012

Leon Acord & Ryland Shelton on Sheena Metal Experience 3/23

Leon Acord & Ryland Shelton (Nathan & Damian) appeared on the Sheena Metal Experience on LA Talk Radio to discuss the evolution of "Damian Johns" and what's coming up in Season 2.  Click HERE to hear the interview--they come on in the second half! 


  1. Great fun! Love the show, Leon, Jeffrey, Curt and David are incredible, Ryland is adorable and Amanda is hysterical!!! Can't wait fornSeason 2

  2. Thanks, AWG! We're having a blast! And Ryland comes a full-fledged recurring regular next season and we can't wait for you to see how THAT story plays out! Plus Ross deals with Neal, Muscles and Bobby struggle as a couple, and Brad has a crisis of confidence. All that, plus more Nelson Van Eddy, new guest stars, a pool fight and Lydia Lasker's cabaret act! Stay tuned!

  3. Please share with your friends! It may be web TV, but it's still Hollywood! Season 2 depends on our numbers