Wednesday, September 28, 2011

WeHo News Q&A w/Leon Acord About ODNT's Upcoming Season

Old Dogs perform new tricks for second season
Vol. 7 Issue 9   09/28/2011
WeHo webisodes by Elliot Latta, West Hollywood, CA

The West Hollywood-based web series Old Dogs & New Tricks returns for a second season with guest stars Thom Bierdz and Patrick Bristow.

The West Hollywood-based web series Old Dogs & New Tricks cast.
After working in what he describes as “spectacular obscurity” for almost 20 years, actor/writer Leon Acord seems on the precipice of Hollywood success, thanks to a “one-two punch.”

First, his portrayal of Quentin Crisp in SF and LA productions of playwright Jeffrey Hartgraves’ Carved in Stone earned Acord raves of which actors only dream.

Now, his web series pilot Old Dogs & New Tricks, in which Acord stars, (having also created, written and co-produced), has been so well received that four new episodes will be shot in November, with the big name talent mentioned above in returning guest-starring roles.


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