Sunday, April 3, 2011

Old Dogs & New Tricks Teaser Now Online @ IndieGoGo

The Old Dogs & New Tricks teaser is now online at IndieGoGo.  See it at Old Dogs & New Tricks' IndieGoGo Page.  And please help support the production of our pilot -- and pick up some nice prizes in the process!

Adapted from a scene in a later episode written by Leon Acord, the teaser briefly introduces both our four leads (Acord, Jim J. Bullock, Curt Bonnem & Jeffrey Patrick Olson) and the particular predicaments they each find themselves in as middle-aged men in youth-obsessed West Hollywood.

"I'm very pleased with the trailer," executive producer Laurence Whiting says.  "We shot this for, literally, zero dollars.  If this is what we can do with no money, imagine how great the series will look and sound when we actually have a budget!"

The pilot, directed by Arvin Bautista, is scheduled to shoot in mid-May 2011.  The series will begin production in early fall 2011.

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