Friday, December 30, 2011

Old Dogs Cast Joins Sheena Metal Experience, Friday 12/30 @ 6pm

Leon Acord and other members of the Old Dogs & New Tricks cast discuss the upcoming season premiere on The Sheena Metal Experience, Fri. Dec. 30 at 6 pm, on LA Talk Radio.  Click HERE to listen!

With Friends Like This...

Special guest star Bruce L. Hart plays Nathan's snarky frenemy Nelson Van Eddy in Old Dogs & New Tricks' 2-part season premiere, Jan 8 & 10

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Q@A w/Leon Acord on Old Dogs at Real Steve Gray's Blog

"I wanted to do a show where gay men were the leads, where they spoke like gay men, and found themselves in the type of situations that they would talk about with their gay friends. I wanted characters that made mistakes, who didn’t ‘act their age,’ who weren’t always noble, who had sex and didn’t have to pay a price or seek redemption."

Read the complete interview HERE!

First Look at our Two-Part Season 1 Premiere!

 The Old Dogs in our two-part Season Premiere! Part 1 debuts Sunday Jan 8, and concludes Tuesday Jan 10!
Ryland Shelton joins Old Dogs & New Tricks as mysterious Damian Johns in our two-part Season Premiere! Part 1 debuts Sunday Jan 8, and concludes Tuesday Jan 10!

Thom Bierdz joins Old Dogs & New Tricks as Muscles' new BF in our two-part Season Premiere! Part 1 debuts Sunday Jan 8, and concludes Tuesday Jan 10!


Friday, December 16, 2011

Old Dogs Cast Joins Jasper Cole on Radio 12/16!

The cast of Old Dogs & New Tricks will be guests of the radio program On the Set with Jasper Cole on Friday, Dec. 16 at 6:00 p.m.  To listen in, just click on the link:

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mark Your Calendar: Web Series Unplugged Jan 18, 2012

PSSST:  Rumor has it one of our new episodes will screen at Web Series Unplugged at El Cid Nightclub on Wed., Jan 18!  Mark your calendar, more information coming soon!

“Old Dogs & New Tricks” unleashed! The hot new web series returns with four sexy new off-the-hook episodes!

Returning January 8th with fresh episodes, Old Dogs & New Tricks continues the story of four successful, middle-aged gay best friends, all struggling to stay vital and relevant in youth-obsessed West Hollywood.
With its several intertwining plotlines, Old Dogs & New Tricks is more adult and complex than most web series; think Entourage set in gay WeHo, which is why the Pilot scored a 95% ‘like’ rating from viewers and also received more than 5,000 YouTube views in less than two months of its debut.
Creator and star Leon Acord is excited about building on the heat generated by the pilot -- in more ways than one.  He promises that "while the show is about the relationships between the main characters, we won’t shy away from sexual dialogue and content inherent in a show about four gay guys."  Producing partner Laurence Whiting agrees, and adds to look for some sharp, co mic interactions:  "Be warned, the gloves are off.  Watch for some serious sparks to fly."

The new season boasts unique guest stars including hunky Thom Bierdz (Young and the Restless), comedian Patrick Bristow (Ellen, Austin Powers, Showgirls) as a hilarious psychiatrist, and Bruce L. Hart (The Reckoning, Homewrecker) playing a bitchy professional “frenemy”.

Acord (Carved in StoneSome Prefer Cake), Curt Bonnem (Kowalski, Lovelace: The Rock Opera), Jeffrey Patrick Olson (Daddy), and David Pevsner (Naked Boys SingingTo Bitter and Back) star as the four friends. Other recurring roles include cabaret star Amanda Abel and Ryland Shelton.

David Pevsner, Jeffrey Patrick Olson, Leon Acord & Curt Bonnem

 Old Dogs & New Tricks was created and written by Leon Acord, and developed for the web and directed by Arvin Bautista (Archie’s Final Project). Matt Ladensack, Whiting, and Acord serve as Co-Executive Producers. The show’s score was composed by veteran film and television composer Nic. tenBroek (Dark Angel, Xena: Warrior Princess).

Catch the new season of “Old Dogs & New Tricks” beginning January 8th, 2012 at